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All services of Directory Times are offered at the discretion of the DirTimes staff and may be modified, suspended or stopped at any time for any reason. Your usage of the Directory Times may include, but is not limited to, paid listings, advertisements, promotions, sponsored links, as well as the display and use of internet related materials and content. Usage of the site might be terminated for many reasons including fraud and theft of payments.

As editors of Directory Times, the DirTimes staff retains full rights to edit, move or delete listings as staff members see fit without any notice to website owners. Any website discovered breaking submission guidelines or these terms of use, regardless of prior approval, may be removed from the directory. This decision will be made and enacted by Directory Times editors.

When submitting a website to be considered for inclusion in Directory Times, you are asking DirTimes staff to review your website. The payment does not offer a guarantee that your website will be including in the directory or the section of the directory specified, if your site is included. If a submitted website does not meet our submission guidelines, the complete payment will be refunded. We guarantee your website will be reviewed in 72 hours of less, and we require payment through PayPal or There are no exceptions on payment terms.

Directory Times is not liable for any users or third parties in regard to any provided service on our through the website. We also retain the right to terminate or suspend services offered by the website for any length of time without notice.

Once approved and published on DirTimes, paid submissions are not eligible for a refund. Paid submissions can be removed permanently if requested by the website owner.

Directory Times is a permanent directory, but may change to a yearly directory at any time in the future.


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