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As a premium web directory, Directory Times is among the most selective directories online. We hold our staff and site to a level far superior to that of the typical web directory and as such select only the finest material for inclusion among our many categories.

We feel that our users are entitled to a directory search free from spam, broken links and sites with serious navigation or content issues. We intend Directory Times to be a superior web resource for a wide variety of users, so we hold all manner of websites to our exacting standards. The result of these high criteria is a directory filled with relevant, helpful links in a wide range of subjects.

Directory Times staff members are fully aware that the internet is filled with websites that have little or no value to the discerning user. We pointedly ignore these sites when scouring the internet in search of the authoritative sites you seek. With so many excellent web resources available online, we add new sites to Directory Times daily in order to meet our goal of having the most current and authoritative directory available.

Our standards at Directory Times might not make us exceedingly popular with the competition or with website owners whose professional standards don’t meet our own, but it’s not their fondness we’ve worked so hard to cultivate. We set our standards high to please you, our user.